If extra time at home this year has you finally ready to tackle the remodel project in your home, or if you are renovating a home to list on the market while interest rates are incredibly low, then you are probably already aware of the value of wood floors: On average, homes with the gorgeous, undeniable beauty of wood flooring sell quicker and for more money than homes with other flooring materials. 

Of course, we also just adore the way timeless, stunning hardwood shines throughout the home. You may think that your active home or budget considerations would prevent you from installing wood floors, but engineered wood options have innovative technology and features that can fit your lifestyle and your design budget!

Environmentally SoundIn the interest of performance, time, cost, ease of maintenance, and convenience, sometimes engineered hardwood offers even greater advantages than its solid counterpart! We cherish the unmistakable natural characteristics and grain of hardwood, and it literally brings the outdoors in, straight from the great American forests where the hardwood was harvested. Some engineered hardwood floors can provide authentic wood beauty while still considering the planet! Hearthwood floors are made from sustainably harvested wood, contain no added formaldehyde, and meet indoor air quality standards to achieve Indoor Advantage Gold Certification. 


Incredible Water ProtectionSpilled drinks, pet accidents, and standing water are nothing short of a nightmare for homeowners with wood floors. After the expensive price tag and costly installation, the damage that water exposure can cause solid wood planks can be a constant source of worry. It should come as no surprise that in addition to the striking visuals and tremendous durability, the WetWorx™ Splatter and Spill Guard that coats all six surfaces of every Hearthwood plank with a water-resistant coating is one of the biggest selling points: Not only is this protection proven to prevent moisture absorption up to 250% more than competitive hardwood, it allows you to wet-mop with Swiffer WetJet Wood cleaning systems for quick, easy cleaning!

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Little boy uses the SwifferQuicker, Cheaper InstallationWhen it comes to installation, the average homeowner will still want the convenience of hiring professionals to put down engineered hardwood floors. If you have children at home who are learning virtually, installing engineered hardwood floors will displace rooms for a much shorter amount of time than solid wood. In fact, Hearthwood floors offer glue, staple, or floating installation which can eliminate the tasks of pulling up and disposing of old flooring. If you are trying to get your home on the market quickly, this can be an incredible advantage.  

Enhanced DurabilityAn engineered hardwood floor offers no shortage of supreme durability, and in some cases may be a better fit for life with kids and pets. Hearthwood floors feature a premium Aluminum Oxide Polyurethane scuff and scratch-resistant finish for superior protection against claws, cleats, and dragged items. A solid wood floor and an engineered wood floor will both handle the wear and tear of your household for years with outstanding performance with routine care and maintenance. 

With these benefits and advantages, it’s easy to see why many families with active lifestyles would choose to design the home with engineered hardwood. Thanks to modern innovation, Hearthwood floors are safer, just as eye-catching and durable, and much easier to maintain!