This should come as no surprise, but homeowners truly LOVE hardwood floors. Who can possibly resist such a timeless, durable flooring option? It’s everything we want at once: stylish, luxurious, chic, and natural. The newest hardwood styles make waves every year, and Hearthwood’s research and development team lead the industry in introducing the trend-setting styles with innovative colorations, plank sizes, and finishes. 

So within this ever-popular, timeless category, what are the newest textures and finishes that can add even more warmth and impact to our favorite rooms? The latest looks are bold and memorable, while still retaining all of the authentic hardwood characteristics we love. Here are a few trends to consider as you select new hardwood flooring for your home: 

Extreme white-washed or white wood is having a moment: It’s elegant and edgy, refined and relaxed. It can even be ‘bold but beachy’ yet still remain versatile enough to fit whatever interior design you want to create. 

White-wash can give the wood planks a similar vibe as distressing, but raises the fashion-forward feel a few notches. Just look at this fantastic room scene created with White Rock from the Tennessee Trails Collection and how it gives off the perfect balanced energy.

White Rock flooring from the Tennessee Trails collection of Hearthwood Floors

Speaking of distressed wood looks, modern hand-scraped and wire-brushed techniques are dominating the wood scene. By scraping or running a wire brush over the actual face of the wood, the growth rings and character markings are accentuated, creating an authentic and eye-catching effect. In addition to playing up the natural factor, strong textures like these help your floor conceal any damage throughout its life in your home—a trait we can all appreciate

For a more subdued approach to showcasing natural wood, matte finishes are trending for good reason. Whereas glossy, shinier finishes will exaggerate the appearance of scratches and accumulated dust, matte finishes look newer longer and will be easier to keep clean. 

If you still want a little bit of shine to your wood floor, a satin finish could help you find the perfect balance between matte and glossy finishes for dazzling results. The Smoked colorway from the Woodlands Collection is versatile, classic and the low gloss finish showcases the authenticity of hardwood that never goes out of style.

Woodlands smoked hardwood flooring swatch

Hardwood flooring not only adds warmth to your decor, but is also the only flooring option that retains and even adds real value to your home. Not to mention, wood is simple to clean and maintain. Hearthwood has all of your favorite colors, textures, and finishes designed by our expert team to perform—and that you will love—for decades of satisfaction within your busy home.