The History of Engineered Hardwood Floors

Hearthwood: A Family Legacy

Hearthwood is rooted in a 70 year family tradition of manufacturing engineered wood flooring, a product that was invented by the first generation, Andy Anderson, in 1938 while he worked for Daystrum Corporation.

First Generation

L. W. (Andy) Anderson was born in 1899 in Indiana and moved to Chicago in 1930 to work as the GM... Read more

Second Generation

Bob Anderson graduated from Northwestern University in 1950 with a degree in Industrial Engineering.... Read more

Third Generation

Don Finkell, an architect by schooling, is a unique mix of technical and creative. He is well renown... Read more

Fourth Generation

Allie Finkell started working in the family business at the age of 12, filling online sample request... Read more

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Rooted in American Manufacturing

Hearthwood floors honor the tradition of hardwood as a material, and honor the more than 70 year Anderson/Finkell legacy of crafting quality engineered wood flooring in America.

Hearthwood is generationally minded in regard to serving our community and country. In a time where more than 50% of hardwood manufacturing has moved overseas, we founded our company in Nashville, TN, not because it was easy, but it is right. Maintaining manufacturing in the states is critical and the bedrock of our economy. It’s a commitment we have made to our employees and our customers for over 70 years. Our vision is to make quality hardwood floors from American raw materials, made by Americans, and used in American homes/businesses.