Hearthwood 100% real hardwoods are treated with WetWorx™, an innovative water-resistant splatter and spill guard that prevents moisture absorption up to 250% more than competitive hardwood. WetWorx™ protects all six sides of every Hearthwood plank, so you can enjoy the beauty of your hardwood floors without worrying about everyday messes.

A family legacy of American Made Hardwood since 1945

From our family to yours

You can rest easy knowing our commitment to manufacturing beautiful, responsible, and enduring hardwood.

Inspiring Design

Fresh and timeless


Doing right by our customers, our employees, and the planet


Engineered to last for generations


Four generations of American craftsmanship and family values

Crafted in the heart of Tennessee, our hardwood floors offer beauty that is authentically natural.

Mother Nature’s canvas, Hearthwood’s inspiration

Mother Nature’s canvas, Hearthwood’s inspiration. Hearthwood Floors.

Best Practices

We strive to create meaningful, sustainable, and long-lasting hardwood products that your family can enjoy and feel great about.

Sustainable Methods

Hearthwood floors are made from sustainably harvested wood, feature safe finishes and stains, and are constructed by true craftsmen.

Family Environment

Hearthwood is a generationally-minded family business that supports a community of passionate hardwood designers and artisans.